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01.06.2014 (1482 days ago)
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Marketing Me Anew!

I have a lot of work ahead of me this summer. I am going to concentrate on our garden, my job and re-branding myself. My new brand isn't much different but it does reflect me to a tee: Single Sustainable Mom. My blog tosses out recipes, tips on various things, gardening and my new found faith in God. 

The hard part is creating a new Facebook Fan Page and gathering new followers for that and my blog. I am considering re-doing the look of my twitter page as well. Ok that is one hard part, the other hard part is getting my dad to understand that I am not "playing" on the computer. That it is actually work and that eventually we will have a nice tidy little income stream from all of these endeavors. 

So here it all goes! The odd hours, working around work and the family and not totally losing my mind!

granolagirl · 1482 days ago
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Marketing Me Anew!