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They say everyone has a story..
06.09.2011 (2481 days ago)
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Look Out World...

I remember so clearly way back then...

Curled up in my closet with a book and a pen

The ending didn’t sit well with me

I needed a flashlight so I could see.


Before I realized; I was a mother-to-be

Much too young I’m sure you would agree

She became my life, my world and my pride

I could not contain the tears of joy I cried.


I was so ecstatic and could not wait to start

I tried so hard to control my anxious heart

Local stories I wanted to get just right

My dream job I was getting paid to write.


Journals full of stories I wanted to tell

I lacked the belief they would ever sell

I’ve come so close so many times before

My lack of confidence slammed that door.


Horror struck my family and I needed to vent

Journals of anger to agents I sent

I refused to give up, this story I was compelled to share

Someone, somewhere I hoped would care.


I still couldn’t commit take that final leap

The pain of rejection was just too deep

Fear was gluing my feet to the ground

When suddenly so many supportive friends I found.


My dreams are reality, and yes it’s true

I can’t stop it now the release is over due

My dream is reality and yes I am feeling my power surge

Look out world, I’m fearless now, I am a woman on the verge!


Doreen’s debut memoir “BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP” will be released fall 2011

For more information visit:







doreenb8 · 2481 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Yes you are!!! This is a rally cry heard from the rooftops. Thank you Doreen for making me smile. :)
     2481 days ago 
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Look Out World...