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Life on the Verge

Typically I blog on the 1st of every month, however, this month, as we are discussing Women's Health, I have been neglectful. I am a late arriver to the party.


This has been a very busy month for me, as one of my sons and his fiance got married. It has truly been a joyous family celebration, but now, I am ready to take a deep breath and rest.

I am not exactly a shining example for women's health. My mother died of a heart attack at the age of 46, my father died at 69 just 10 days after sextuple bipass surgery. Yes, you read right – 6 bipasses. Every single person in my family on both sides has died from heart disease.

This has made me think and try so very hard to live longer than my parents and to strive for a healthy lifestyle. My father was actually an alternative health practitioner, so you would think that this would give him a little extra leverage, right? Well, he died the same age as his father died, so maybe not.

I would say that I have learned some important messages from heart disease: it's sneaky, it's not just about one thing, and it can put you in a hospital bed or mortuary in a heart beat. Literally.

Heart disease the biggest reason I am a vegetarian. It's the reason I do yoga every day. It's the reason I am grateful for every day that I have lived beyond the age of 46, when my mom passed. But, I still have so much to learn and so much improvement to make.

This past month showed me that I am not stress-free. I try, I swear I do, but it's a lot of work trying to feel pretty when one is surrounded by beautiful people (if you have ever seen my new daughter-in-law's family, you would see how beautiful that they all are). Pressure.

So many women lose weight in preparation for an important event, but no, I snacked my way to it. There's no gray space with me and stress. I am either eating, or can't touch food. It's ridiculous.

Oh well, now I will try to get back on the wagon, live in the moment, and be my healthy self. And perhaps just those three things will give me the energy to jump back into life and do all my regular stuff – like blog at Women on the Verge.

Ana Lewis

AnaLewis · 1696 days ago
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Life on the Verge