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Let Me Eat Cake! My Super Power


Why is it so easy to look at the people around me and so easily see their super power, while at the same time, I am challenged to see my own?


No matter how many times someone tells me that I am wonderful, I have this little voice of doubt rise up inside that says, “not really.” Then proceeds to pick me apart with reasons why I am not so wonderful. “I am not wonderful,” that voice says, “I ate chocolate cake for breakfast today.” See? I am naughty, not wonderful.



For this month, I am aiming to look at that chocolate cake for breakfast and appreciate it for the wonderfulness it is, because truly, how fabulous is it to have a piece of chocolate cake at any time or place? How fabulous is it to APPRECIATE?


For this month, I am aiming to be KINDER to myself. Forgive myself and love myself in the same manner that I hope others love me. What a concept! We want to be loved by others, yet we pick ourselves apart.


For this month, I am aiming to PEEL AWAY the LAYERS. Be vulnerable and courageous, so that my light can shine through. I believe that I have lived too much of my life protecting myself from possible pain. I have lived too often in fear. I think that if I peel away the layers, I will peel away the fear, and some of the other things that I have used to protect myself, like food, or silence.


Most of all, I aim this month to try to live my life in WITNESS. So that I can know and believe in my heart by the end of this month that I AM wonderful. And as someone told me earlier this year, I was “born to be fabulous.” And, the gift that I give myself is to believe it.

Ana Lewis

AnaLewis · 2451 days ago
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  •  Marta: 
    Ah dearest Ana, that little voice that surely is in all of us. Not even everyone telling you how wonderful you are, which is true, can silence that inner voice. We all must unfortunately do it ourselves. I wish I had more practice with it, being my own inner critic, but I don't.

    You are in my opinion better than wonderful if that is possible. At least in my opinion you are.
     2437 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Elle: 
    Oh yes, suffering from the same affliction. I'm British, I have an excuse, lol.
    Can I peel the layers with you?
    I do realise we ought to believe in ourselves, perhaps not going the complete opposite way in as "Look at me, aren't I fabulous?"
    I'm getting better and one thing I refuse to do is swatting away compliments or saying "you shouldn't have done," because that can be also quite hurtful. I'm always grateful, even if I feel somewhat a fraud privately sometimes. Sometimes, not all the time. See, I am getting better.
     2442 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Linda_CL: 
    Oh, Ana, I just had this discussion with a friend. I have the same negative thinking when I'm praised. It's so hard to believe in myself. How do you "peel away the layers"? Are you going to share?
     2447 days ago·2 replies2 replies 
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Thank you Terry. :)
     2450 days ago 
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  •  bookmark_terry: 
    Ana, my incredible friend, that piece of cake is a fine thing to admire and enjoy, especially in the morning. I think it's easier sometimes to admire or see the superpowers of other women. When I'm complimented, I always have a 'but...' and a 'not really' at the back of my brain too. I think this'll be an exciting month. Please remember: we are all here for you too and we love you.
     2450 days ago 
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Let Me Eat Cake! My Super Power