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03.08.2011 (2456 days ago)
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Leading The Way

When I think about women leaders, many women come to mind.  For one, Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote Women Who Run with the Wolves, was an innovator of introducing the power of women through the power of words and stories. I remember reading and feeling empowered with each metaphor that she offered and I got in touch with a deeper part of myself.  She is the quintessential "Maya" or earth mother and I just wanted to crawl into her lap and have her rock me in her wise arms... I also listened to her reading stories on audio and was enlightened every time.

Another leader that comes to mind is Sophie Lumen.  She is a woman, an artist, a mother and grandmother that I met on Facebook and Twitter.  She spear-heads a community and post called "The Art of Aging" where she refers to women who are usually over 40, as beauties.  I witness these beauties all coming together about aging and they share their joys and sorows.  Anyone who visits her on facebook and reads what the beauties are writing, can feel the apparent love and support there.  She is creating a collective change in the world in regard to women and aging and gives us a soft place to check into that feels warm and good all over. Sophie's art work is all about beauty and how it is an internal process.  Here are a few sites to acquaint yourself with Sophie and her meaningful work.

Other leaders that come to mind are right here amongst us.... Ana Lewis, Karen Monroy and Dawn Rivers Baker...these women teach by example - getting behind their words with actions and opening up their souls to us... teaching us that there is nothing to fear and that, like them, we all have an amazing amount of power and life within us.  All the writers in this community are women leaders; Beth, Marta, Elle every one of you... leading the way with every experience, thought and story shared.... and I am so grateful to be in your company.

(photo: Carmen, 91, Santa Fe, NM - from the Beauty and Wisdom series)

Robbie · 2456 days ago
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  •  JennyleefromTN: 
    Ah, how I love that phrase, "The Art of Aging". I love the video clips you have about that on your site too Robbie. Beauty parlour advice from the beauties over 40! Ya-hooooo!
     2454 days ago 
    1 point
  •  Marta: 
    Thank you Robbie, I too will be checking out Sophie. I am humbled and honored to be mentioned in the same breath as such women you speak about.

    Your beauty of spirit as you take your photo's, write, create your music or talk about the amazing women you have met shines through. You grace our world. Thank you
     2455 days ago 
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Thank you so much Robbie! You bring a tear to my eye. And - thanks for passing on Sophie Lumen. Definitely checking her out. :) xxxooo
     2456 days ago 
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Leading The Way