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07.09.2013 (1749 days ago)
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Shortly after I joined Facebook and the world of social media, I joined Women On The Verge. It was August of 2010, when I became a member of WOTV. During the last three years, I have learned so much about the similarities and differences in women. I have been profoundly affected by the level of trust, friendship, solidarity, willingness not to judge, and yes sometimes the cattiness that is so often how women are described.

I also learned much about myself, my faults, strengths, and sometimes how the best parts of me are so often those that become the targets of some whom I had thought friends.

One of the most valuable things that WOTV has given me is the ability to work my way through my past problems. Sometimes it has not been so pretty and sometimes, I believe it has turned out beautifully. I found that due to both my upbringing and the twenty years (which I don’t regret) of being a full time caretaker, I needed friends, this being one of the things I had put on hold for a great length of time.

Yet, if the truth be known I was over ripe for jumping into a friendship when someone was kind to me. For much of my life was spent giving of myself, until there was not a drop left to spare for me or for a life of my own.

There isn't an easy way to learn for the first time about cliques, (both male and female) and that many people don’t say what they mean and mean what they say, or if they do they only mean it temporarily.

After the last fiasco on the social media, I took a much needed, break from most of it, spent a lot of time with my horses, playing with animation, videos, shoveling sand, and nearly anything that didn't involve writing. Oh I commented now and then others posts, once in a while posted a poem, or reshared someone else’s status or post. But, I wrote little and shared very little about me. I am working toward strengthening my own life, learning the difference between a friend and a casual acquaintance. And also between someone who is friendly and someone who is a real friend, for I am truly tired of the gossip, heartache, tears, and yes confusion that sometimes has been mine. Though I do not regret any of it, for it has made me stronger and surer of myself. It has been Sunlight and Shadows.

WOTV has been instrumental in helping me through much these last three years.

The question is can one meet anyone on social media and become real friends? I think the answer to that is yes, but we must be discerning and find much more in common than a love of animals or politics, or the fact that maybe you both are writers or play with animation.

WOTV has a unique spot in the world of social media and has the possibility of helping men and women from all walks of life, all races, religions, and nationalities to see the similarities in each other. It also has the promise of helping us to delight and rejoice in the differences as we become aware and lose our fears of the unknown.

Marta · 1749 days ago
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