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06.04.2011 (2635 days ago)
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Juicy Nibbles

Boy this topic couldn't come fast enough.  Life is moving at a pace I've come to call "dedicated frenzy" and my job as a political blogger and teacher has not left a lot of room for laughs.  Seriously.  Even my political satire workshop with the ever awesome Lizz Winstead failed to bring a bust-at-the-seams kind of laugh and instead delivered more of the if-I-don't-laugh-now-I'll-cry brand of catharsis.

So thank the goddess for children.

In particular thank the goddess for my son who has transformed from child to boy before my eyes.  Just last week he discovered the simplest of childhood joys--running around the neighborhood with a gang of other kids.  I'm sure this discovery coincided with the onset of a reluctant spring in Minnesota, but I don't care.  This worn-out parent is just glad it happened.

But (there's always a but) my relief came with a few qualifications.  I've been pearl-clutching over some safety basics, though to my son's credit he has shown a willingness to indulge his mother's nerves.  And I'm a little concerned that the kids he plays with are older than him--by a couple grades in school.

My boy, my first one is as sheltered as you would expect my child to be (hey, if I'm anything I'm aware and comfortable in my own neurosis), so the idea that he's playing with boys who are more experienced, under loser rules and supervision makes me nervous.

It's also given me my new favorite phrase: juicy nibbles.

Just what are juicy nibbles?  Well, here it goes.

A couple nights ago I was getting the de-brief from my son after an afternoon playing with the neighborhood boys.  They were riding bikes, playing light sabers and doing the things you'd expect boys age 6-9 to do.  And in the course of those events one of the boys got hot and took his shirt off.  The other, older boy said (I'm assuming) "haha Greg I can see your juicy nipples."

But what my son heard, and shared with us was "juicy nibbles."

He was so proud of the fact that he had been privy to this older-boy moment, and frankly I was too busy trying not to laugh out loud and pee my pants that we haven't yet explained to him that nibbles are nipples.  But we're going to need to do so soon because it's a phrase that has caught on.  While changing the five-month-old my son quipped "there are Olive's nibbles".  Or as he's figuring out the intracies of nursing asked "why does daddy have nibbles?"

Why does daddy have nibbles?  Your guess is as good as mine.


Hegemommy · 2635 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Love those jucy nibbles! That one is a keeper. Love it!!
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Juicy Nibbles