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Is Immigration a Women's Issue?



Is immigration a women's issue? You bet!

The definition of the word immigration is innocuous. Immigration, as defined at, is the act of immigrating. The word feels static, but the action of immigration affects the dynamics of families, neighborhoods, communities, and countries.

Immigration doesn't just affect the person moving, it also affects the communities in which an immigrant settles. Immigration, therefore, isn't about one person or one family. It is about all the people who come into direct or indirect contact with the immigrant. An immigrant is a producer and a consumer. She creates and uses products, byproducts and services.

Immigration has been igniting negative emotions in areas of the US where the population has or is becoming largely Hispanic. Non-Spanish speaking Americans feel like strangers in areas of California, the Southwest, and Miami. It's not merely the continued high levels of Mexican immigration that frightens some Americans it is the low rates of assimilation of these immigrants into American society and culture. Immigrant women with poor English and comprehension of American culture are at greatest risk of being taken advantage, of working in low paying jobs, of having no healthcare, and of becoming targets for abuse in many forms.

To read more about the immigration issue as it affects women, and to voice your opinion visit my blog Living in the Heartland.


IntheHeartland · 2771 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    I am so glad you posted this Pam! Very worthwhile piece. Next month we are going to discuss who are our minority leaders? thank you!
     2771 days ago 
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Is Immigration a Women's Issue?