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Have we gone Too Far?

A few months ago, I was having some trouble sleeping so I clicked on the television. It was a commercial, appeared to be some sort of doctor’s office and two young women sitting next to each were discussing, the new Trojan Vibrating Pulse. I shook my head and made sure I was awake. I wanted to wake my husband up so he could witness this hysterically funny, commercial and just then the [older] receptionist leans over and says, “I got mine online.” I got a good laugh all by myself there in the dark but it got me to thinking….

Two weekends ago my husband, myself and our granddaughter Adriana (2) went into Philadelphia for the Annual Suicide Prevention Walk. John dropped me off in front of the Art Museum so I could look for Melissa. [The young woman that provided the forward for my book.] She is very involved in the organization as well. Where is the sex you ask?

As I stood there at the base of the Art Museum steps, best known around here as the “Rocky” steps, the steps Sylvester Stallone made famous in his Rocky movies, my eyes wandered towards Benjamin Franklin Boulevard. I wondered how far away John would have to park. I looked to the left and noticed a group of young men. One was wearing a toddler in a back -pack. Another sported a “Baby Bjorn” with an infant as well as a matching “Daddy Bag.” Still another was pushing a child in one of those tricycle things that you push. Usually seeing men caring for small children would make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Today something was off.

Behind all of those men, I see my big, burly, biker husband pushing the jogging stroller with Adriana’s sippy cup and his coffee cup in the appropriate holders. I looked around and saw other men; the DJ even had a small child with him. Where were all the women?

I remember the first time a tampon commercial came on as I was watching a show with my husband, I am guessing it was 30 years ago I was mortified. I wondered, then why there were no commercials to embarrass men.

Fast forward and every other commercial seems to be about Viagra, or Cialis or bladder control pills. You know the commercial where they have two claw foot bathtubs in the back yard next to one another. Him in one her in the other, holding hands, butterflies flitting and music playing. Then comes the big warning. Now tell me seriously; are you going to the ER with your husband because he has had an erection for more than four hours. Not me, I am not going, no how, no way. My insides are too sensitive and all that laughing could very well kill me.

Fast forward again to yet another, television commercial, this one a kitchen scene. The middle- aged man is having obvious computer difficulties. In walks his over confident and slightly aggressive spouse who within seconds fixes the problem and then bounces out the door. My first thought was jeeze she made him look stupid and she was mean.

It hits me like a ton of bricks. We have done it ladies. We have totally castrated our men. Our middle aged men for certain. We have turned them into our “stupid” “sex “machines putting them at great risk. [yes, I know that it happened to us for years but that does not make it right.]

So have we gone too far? Do we need middle aged men with dyed hair and fake erections [God forbid the 4 hour kind.] Do you want to have sex with that man? Hang on for a minute and let me remind my husband to get his pooper -scooper before he takes LuLu for her walk…


doreenb8 · 2384 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Doreen, I enjoyed your blog post. I don't know if you meant it to be humorous, but I definitely busted out laughing a few times. I always tease my husband, that someday, he too can aspire to be the man holding my purse outside the store at the mall. He grins. It's an honor. :) xxxoooana
     2377 days ago 
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  •  Karen-Monroy: 
    Doreen, I put most of what you write about in the ego minds doing what ego minds to: confuse and add misery to life! I don't think we have castrated our men (I do respect your view). I believe that women are still not free--and men are still not free to be authentic and connected with life. I believe the form of enslavement changes......but that is just form.

    I enjoyed your commercial over view--thank you!
     2383 days ago 
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Have we gone Too Far?