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Go with the Flow

About a month or so ago a whole lot of things happened to me and I believe in my heart I am now experiencing the afterbirth of my rebirth.

I fell down a flight of steps. Now, that may not seem a big deal to many of you, however, it shook me up pretty damn good.

We went to see Oblivion, and after the show was over, in my platform sandals, I proceeded to walk down this long flight of steps, without holding the rail. I have issues about taking the escalator (walking is better) and holding onto the rail when walking down steps (too germy). Well, my issues got the best of me, as I felt my right shoe catch on a step and started face forward down the steep incline.

While I was falling I heard a voice say, “It's going to be okay. Just go with the flow.” So I went. I didn't try to save myself by grabbing onto the rail or my husband, I just fell. My husband, step-son and many theater goers and employees went silent as they watched in horror. I ended in a crumble at the bottom of the steps and my husband told me he was never as grateful as he was when I started to get up by myself. I had a few bruises on one of my shins (kind of ugly), my necklace gouged my chest a little and my nose was not too happy about being my brake. But, all-in-all really relatively unscathed. The manager asked me if I wanted an ambulance, and I looked at my husband and started to cry and said I just wanted to go home.

We got home, I was put on ice, then my brain started ticking. What just happened?, I asked myself. I couldn't stop thinking about the voice I just heard. She said, “It's going to be okay. Go with the flow.” And she was right. It all could have been so much worse.

The next day I picked an Osho Zen Tarot card and guess what card came up? Going with the Flow. I was in a “wow” state. Holy smoke. Then two days later I thought I would take a chance and pick a Medicine Card and I picked Bat – which means “Rebirth” and describes how we are born upside down, bat hangs upside down, and when I fell down the stairs, I too was upside medicine-card-bat.jpg?w=178down. Freaky-deaky, eh?

I called my dear friend and colleague (and member) Judy Kinney for her thoughts about all of this mumbo-jumbo, because I trust her and I know she's as weird as I am. I love her. She asked me this question, “Do you ever doubt yourself – that you hear messages from the Universe?” I replied, “All the time, everyday.” She said, “Don't. You can hear, you just need to relax and be.”

Those words changed my life. This stair fall changed my life. And as a result, I have come to understand a few things about Women on the Verge.

I used to think, WOTV is my baby. My responsibility. My path. My belief. However, I was wrong. I came to the realization that it's not the website I am attached to. It's the people. The fabulous women I have met and can be myself with. Honesty, vulnerable, imperfect. They are the ones to whom I am attached. There have been falls, lessons, trials, tests and we are still here. I became more about the people, less about the community website. I detached, and you know what? Things shifted. I got help. It's not just my voice you hear anymore – it's a whole team. It's not just my work – many of us are working. And it's beautiful.

Best of all, I realized that WOTV, in her own way, has already made my dream come true. She brought me sisters. I have always wanted sisters. And here you are. So now that she has made my dream come true, I am hoping that she can help make the dreams come true of my sisters, too. She's here, she's had a beautiful makeover and she is shining – due to work by many of you. I honor her with renewed life in gratitude for what she has brought to me and how she has enriched my life with your presence.

Please check out the re-vamped WOTV, check out our Press Kit and I hope it inspires you to write in your WOTV blog, share us with your friends or even your business associates. Our time is now.

AnaLewis · 1841 days ago
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Go with the Flow