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17.11.2011 (2410 days ago)
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Giving thanks, signed copies

I wanted to do something special in honour of Thanksgiving and to say thank you to all my friends here and in America.

My latest novel is available on Amazon UK. I realise it must be expensive to ship so I had a word with my publisher to see what could be done.

There is a possibility of my novel being released in the US but publishing moves very slowly so that would not happen until sometime next year.

I would like all my friends who want a paperback edition to be able to do so. We've had to reach a compromise and although unfortunately Indio Press has explained to me we cannot afford to waive the shipping costs altogether, they've agreed to reduce it in order to make it affordable.

Shipping costs to America cost almost the same as the actual book. Ouch!

Signed copies are available through my site, although Indio Press will be dealing with the orders. If you have any special requests, it will be my pleasure to add a personalised message so please do let me know.

Thank you all, looking forward to ebing back on the Verge soon.


Here's the link. You will find the usual Amazon buttons, below are the Paypal buttons to purchase the signed copies.

The team is on hand to respond to any queries, so don't hesitate to ask.

Special rates can be arranged for bigger quantities.

Thank you :)

Elle · 2410 days ago
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Giving thanks, signed copies