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17.11.2013 (1678 days ago)
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Give A Book

The Give A Book Campaign, is not about any particular author. The books that are present in the videos are a representation and the authors kindly joined the campaign.

It is not about whether you are published by a traditional publishing house, a small press, or if you are a self published indie author. It is about books and the importance of books in our lives.

In years past it was normal to have a book or two amid our holiday gifts. The joy of delving into a new book, finding a new favorite place or spreading our wings in between the pages of a book, appears to be forgotten in our growing world of electronics.

Pemberly Enterprises and I have begun a (Give A Book) campaign. We are using print ads, videos, animation, and yes with the help of some brilliant writers and musicians (who have honored us with their work) trying to remind people about the importance of books.

Without books there would be no television and no movies. Unless of course you are happy with home shopping, reality TV, and news, as your only viewing pleasure, we need books.

We need to support writers and musicians.

To date the categories for the videos are:

Children's Literature, Romance, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Paranormal, True Stories, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Short Stories. If someone thinks of another category I will add it over the coming year.

This campaign will be ongoing. It is not just about gifts and holidays it is about books.

In case any of you are wondering, my books are not in all the videos, nor is my name attached to any of the videos that my books are not a featured with other authors. I am collecting no money or favors from anyone. My only hope is that people share the Give A Book campaign and with luck more will jump on board this train.

I have the first two (and hopefully YouTube will get its act together) three video's up on and

Marta · 1678 days ago
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Give A Book