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02.06.2011 (2573 days ago)
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Gender wars


What is it with people? You know the ones who have to criticise, judge?

What does it matter? Man, or woman, why should it make a difference?

Why should male writers be better than female writers?

Oh yes, have you heard that one?

What matters is being a decent human being!

Talent and passion should reflect in books.

When I wrote a post about French women and their reactions, or lack of reaction, one man accused me of being partial to the 'maid' involved in the DSK affair.

He accused me of being partial because, wait for it, because I'm a woman. What, really?

The fact I didn't even write about DSK, but about French women completely evaded him. He was, and I was surprised about this, the only man who reacted negatively.

So, yes, if I do feel empathy towards abuse victims, women and women causes. That doesn't stop me having compassion and standing up when men are victims.

Yes, I am a feminist. Not a man hater, FAR FROM IT. Feminism is not about gender wars, it is about respect between genders and equal rights. Well, that's my view anyway.

Elle · 2573 days ago
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  •  Jossy: 
    i think history shows that females have had it worse (like with human trafficking into the sex trade and abuse in male dominated nations)...if we don't give voice to the voiceless who will? we need to be standing by one another, so keep going, Elle!
     2569 days ago 
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Oh my, there's a lot of backlash going on right now because of the DSK situation. I read today about the headline this week on the front page of Liberation, "Marredes Machos" or "Sick of machos".

    Stay the course, my dear, you are on the right track. People don't like it much when the status quo goes awry, but this is definitely a worthy reason to shake that core up. We need to stand up for each other - as humans, as equals, as all deserving of respect and love.

    Big hug and thank you!!
     2573 days ago 
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Gender wars