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04.06.2014 (1479 days ago)
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Figuring Out My Quirky Kids

My kids have been in some form of counseling for the last two years. Bless their hearts, losing their dad, moving "back home" and going back to public school has been a lot. That doesn't include the fact we had little stability while my husband was alive (a story I will save for another time).

Anyway, my daughter, beautiful, delightful and extremely creative has a lot more to deal with over the years. The losses she has suffered have been far greater than that of my son, simply because she is six years older than him so a little bit more lifetime.

She has been dealing with depression and anxiety on top of all the normal teenage girl stuff. Luckily she really isn't a drama queen but still, I wouldn't want to be 15 again. After a pretty bad anxiety attack this weekend, I made an appointment with the counselor and the pediatrician. As it turns out a large part of her problem is ADHD.

Needless to say I was a bit shocked, it never dawned on me that this quiet child was "hyperactive". Apparently the hyperactive part is a broad definition and doesn't necessarily mean the child or adult for that matter bounces off the wall. It actually refers more to the fact that the brain doesn't know how to slow down. This leads to fidgeting and other physical manifestations.

So now we begin a different direction in my daughter's treatment. Once each individual symptom had been addressed and we had a few left over this is what we got. I am honestly relieved that there is a name and that through therapy and some medication my daughter will be able to function in life as an adult. She may not have to stay on medication her whole life but we discussed it and if that is what it takes for her to feel "normal" then that is what it takes.

The pediatrician wants to spend some time with my son this summer as well as with his counselor because he strongly suspects my son is also ADHD. We will move forward and take each day as it comes and each thing as it happens. But if all of this makes my children feel complete, feel more "normal" and such then so be it.

My personal misgivings about the whole ADD/ADHD mass diagnosis as a way to control kids still exists but I have faith in our pediatrician that my children are truly just quirky with brains that are wired differently. I think to make me feel more comfortable he stated that people who are very creative, which my daughter is, tend to actually be ADHD. Similarly people who are highly analytical also tend to be ADHD. 

So between medical assistance, therapy and prayer my children will be successful contributors to society! 

Light, Love and Peace!

granolagirl · 1479 days ago
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Figuring Out My Quirky Kids