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Don't forget the smiles

Remember the laughs?

The good times, the bad times

Thrown together 

A friend of a friend

Somehow we stuck together

I couldn't understand the jibes

I still can't

Prejudice and ignorance

They made you feel ashamed

You didn't want to be you

It still pains me today

to know you couldn't accept yourself

It's hard to break away

I know that

I loved you the way you were

It never bothered me

You got there in the end

Though you still struggled

My only confident in my own battle to find myself

We talked and we laughed

Before I moved away

So close and yet so far

An awful accident, such a shock

Feeling powerless

I'm glad you got to meet my babies

Time passed, and you tried

The pain you lived with

You are free now

I will always remember how you smiled

The laughs we had

The pains we shared

We grew apart

But you were still in my heart


Life doesn't always offer a happy ending

I hope you're smiling

Wherever you are


Elle · 1583 days ago
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Don't forget the smiles