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Bookmark_Terry Has Stage Fright

My second post and my hands are shaking.  Yack. Yack. Yack. Yackity Yack.

Will that cut it? Does it help to know that I've never been more enthralled with a conversation with myself?

Nope? Okay. Now what?

I’m usually so wordy. What’s going on now?  I see five question marks here; perhaps that isn’t good. When I must resort only to questions of an imaginary audience, I think I must be ‘toast.’

No. Not that KFC 'bread' referred to on SNL before. I actually had a child ask what I liked on toast the other day. It was the sweetest thing.

“Marmalade,” I said. I've always loved this since Grandma made it when I was a little girl. “…but if it’s KFC-toast, I'd only have one slice with salt and pepper only.

Though maybe peanut butter (on chicken bread) might've been okay too. Hmmm. Something to gab with myself about all evening.

Yep. A rather subdued life it is for me. But don't worry . . . "I'll be Baaack!"

And to finish, I spit out an old Schwarzenegger line.

Ah! Well. I continue on with my double-agent status on Twitter and the C.I.A. (critically injured androids).

Where's my phonebooth?

bookmark_terry · 2618 days ago
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Bookmark_Terry Has Stage Fright