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Sometimes you just need to rant at yourself!
11.11.2011 (1264 days ago)
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Bones of Valor


In the forgotten & overgrown battlefields of yesterday, lie buried bones of valor.

These bones tell stories of long days and longer nights, huddled in rain or pain

Some still have the memories of a life left behind, a lock of hair, a face to share

They speak silently of the horrors only man can inflict on man, since time began.


In the forgotten recesses of cities & towns, slowly walk the bones of valor

These bones tell stories of counting the dead, friends of war, so many more.

Some still have the memories of a country’s call, god saved some, how come

They speak proudly of having served & silently for those who died, alongside.


In the forgotten long or shortened histories, freedom honors the bones of valor.

These bones tell stories of freedoms won, principles upheld, enemies felled

Some still have the memories of those who never came back, graves pitch black

They speak loudly of these buried bones, bring them home, under valor’s dome.


Remembrance Day, 11.11.11

Heidi · 1264 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Beautiful Heidi. Thank you
     1264 days ago 
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Bones of Valor