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06.03.2012 (2300 days ago)
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Because, Everything is Voluntary

As you may know, I recently became the executive director of a small, innovative, nonprofit in Seattle. Of course we have BIG goals, a BIG plan, and a BIG vision.

Have I mentioned that I am the only staff person?

Everyday I am reminded that realizing our success is ultimately in the hands of volunteers. Yes, my vision is in the hands of people who, at any time, can simply leave, not show up, or decide to have other priorities.

As much as I may want to fret over who and what can I count on, I know that each of us is alwaysfree to change, leave, not show up, and develop other priorities.

In our increasingly changing world, I find it more reliable to go to the heart of the matter. Rather than attempt to control what is uncontrollable, I see how there is tremendous continuity in viewing everyone as a volunteer, and everything as voluntary.

Yes, let me say that again.

Everyone is a volunteer; everything is voluntary.

When everything is completely voluntary, the power of our complimentary desire is able to shine through and bring us together.  Rather than being debilitating, this level of honest choice means that everyone who is present really wants to be there.

Frankly, I like living in a world founded in our complimentary desires!

I assume that you want your relationships and work to be vibrantly alive, fulfilling, and successful, yes?  Yet, instead of prioritizing, understanding, and deepening your desires, how often do you attend to the false gods of safety and security instead of what brings your soul alive?

Desire is your soul’s direct communication to you. Make room to hear that which is truly expansive and sustaining-even as you and I shift and evolve!

Here’s an experiment. Just for a moment, shift your perspective to see everyone in your life, and yourself as a volunteer, one who is only present because they want to be.

What shifts?

What surprises you?

What if you accepted that each and every person is in your life because, if only for a moment, you share complementary desires.

How would this perspective shift your approach to relationships? Your Work?

Adopting this perspective has made a world of difference for me at work and in my relationships.

And, yes, there is much, much more to explore within this notion!

This month’s Spa for Your Soul, co-sponsored with Women on the Verge, explores The Art of Creating Your Personal Support Team. I will show you how to create your own team (friends, colleagues, mentors, lovers/partner, coach, etc) from the vantage point of shared desires. Join us Wednesday, March 7th, 5pm pacific/8 pm eastern.

JudyKinney · 2300 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Yay!!! Judy, you make me smile. What good ju-ju you bring to my "team". Thank you.
     2299 days ago 
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Because, Everything is Voluntary