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13.11.2011 (2409 days ago)
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Are you being stingy with your own happiness?


I am excited to be joining Women on the Verge's monthly Blog Talk Radio show this Wednesday. Several other fabulistas and I will be exploring one of my favorite topics, Giving and Receiving.

I smiled as soon as I began considering what I would say on this topic. I was struck by the notion that each of us is always in a state of giving and receiving.  Just as we inhale and exhale, we are always contributing to our Self, others, and to the broader universe. In each and every moment we are also receiving.

How is this possible? Remember, everything is energy, and energy is always in the process of interacting with everything else. All of this energetic engaging happens with or without our conscious participation.
Still, when you are happy, you are contributing more joyful energy to the world. While you are directly impacting the universe by sharing this wonderful energy, you receive joy many times over. This is why your happiness is always most precious gift to give yourself and to the world.

From this perspective, your happiness is never something to be stingy about, is it?

The question is never how much you are giving or receiving, but what you are giving and receiving.

Your feelings are always the quickest guide to what you are giving and receiving.  This is always true, whether you are cranky, frustrated, and angry, or courageous, loving, and generous.

You are giving and receiving whatever you are feeling in each and every moment.
In this season of gratitude, giving and receiving feel free to lighten up a bit. Stay close to your sense of joy, awe, and love.
Enjoy how your life, and holidays shift!
JudyKinney · 2409 days ago
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  •  JudyKinney: 
    Thanks Heidi! Yes, love is what life is all about. I'm glad you felt a love wave coming your way when you read this.
     2408 days ago 
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  •  Heidi: 
    Thank you for giving us inspiration & a lot of love is peeking out of each word.
     2409 days ago 
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Are you being stingy with your own happiness?