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Mother Teresa Director of Marketing and Operations for Gadabout SalonSpas in Tucson, Arizona.
03.03.2010 (2969 days ago)
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Are you Spring Break ready?? Waxing, sun glow, pedicures...oh my!

This Spring Break Beauty checklist can help you get ready to hit the beach, pool or just help you get in the mood for spring...

• Try a Sun Glow Body Treatment to get your skin swim suit ready - includes full body exfoliation and streak & UV free tan application






• Smooth skin...from legs to bikinis to arms and brows...waxing can be the answer! For the smoothest skin, allow 2-3 weeks growth prior to your appointment. 






• Get your feet and toes ready! Try a Signature pedicure and top it off with of our new spring lacquer colors! Choose from this season's hottest shades including a leafy green, a creamy purple, a metallic pink and more! (And with every pedicure at Gadabout, you will receive our re-usable, rubber soled sandals)






• Lash Extentions are a perfect way to enhance your eyes without mascara. Add immediate length and fullness that last up to 2 weeks...great for that beach vacation!






• Enhance your hair with three dimensional color! Freshen your color in time for spring with creative placement of highlights to give depth and enhance brightness! Great for taking your fall color and creating a spring look!






• Dissolve damaged, aged skin with a glycolic refinishing treatment to immediately minimize lines and brighten skin. Maintain the feeling at home by consistently using a Vitamin C treatment, Resurfacing Accelerator as well as a treatment product such as Wrinkle Reversing Serum or Moisturizing Lift Cream.






Where ever you are soaking up the sun, or catching spring fever, be sure to protect your largest organ...your skin! Use an all over sunscreen that has both UVB and UVA protection. Re-apply every 2 hours, or after swimming. Soak up the Vitamin D, and stay hydrated. 


**All services available at Gadabout SalonSpas in Tucson Arizona, with 6 locations to serve you











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Are you Spring Break ready?? Waxing, sun glow, pedicures...oh my!