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  Before I saw your face or touched your fur I heard your cries for help, longing for love So loud your anguish I knew where to go So deep your despair you didn’t know me   For a home of your own, all hope was gone Tossed out by family to fend for yoursel
Marta · 1846 days ago

My first memories of poetry were from A Child’s Garden of Verse by Robert Louis Stevenson, the same author who wrote the beloved classic Treasure Island A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young, Now We Are Six, and the Winnie the Pooh stories. These beloved ve
Marta · 1849 days ago

  This is not a war!   It's never a good idea to throw people in the same boat just because they have one thing, or even more in common. Sweeping judgments like these bring disaster and more hatred. Attacking other groups in the name of defending your own
Elle · 1853 days ago

Switch on your laptop, read the papers, listen to the radio, connect onto social media, and what do you see? The world in all its misery. I'm optimistic by nature, it's probably saved me many times. I have to believe, find the strength somewhere. Still, y
Elle · 1860 days ago

"A protective wrap keeps the newspaper dry while it's being delivered. But how do you keep it dry while it's being read?"—John Dumas When the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy broke on December 14, 2012, it shook us to the core and ever si
Elin · 1867 days ago

Today is one of those days, when life seems good for me personally, yet the world has a darkness to it. A hole of anger and hate, fighting and arguing over ideology, when people's lives are at stake, that it leaves me nearly unable to breathe without a tea
Marta · 1869 days ago

The elite of the horse world are the high-dollar mares. They are show animals or racing animals, bringing high dollars for their foals because they have a history of excellence and winning. For them, time is money and it's important that the mare be kept b
Marta · 1869 days ago

A tear runs down my face Eyes brimming with sadness The loss of little ones Whose wings will not open Nor learn to fly on air Brighten the world with joy A life lost, world shattered For lack of civility Loss much too heartbreaking Lacking care for another
Marta · 1870 days ago

In my line of work the idea of "civility" can be a little tricky. Frequently speaking truth to power is characterized as "uncivilized" rhetoric. You've likely heard the saying that "well-behaved women rarely make history." That kind of thing. For the patri
Hegemommy · 1870 days ago

I did a three part series called Help Change the World. It can be found here. I wanted to share my thoughts of how all of us can help to change the world one child at a time. I also want to share this from my recent newsletter: We all want something out of
Michele · 1871 days ago

Sandy Hook (2012): 28 dead, 2 injured Virginia Tech (2007): 33 dead, 23 injured Columbine (1999): 15 dead, 21 injured University ofTexas, Austin (1966): 16 dead, 32 injured Bath School bombing (1927): 45 dead, 58 injured   This has been going on for longer
DawnRRivers · 1871 days ago

There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity. Nathaniel Branden Canadian Psychotherapist And Writer I believe the words of Dr. Branden, they h
Queenie · 1871 days ago

The greater damage is not so much the crunching of bones or terror-filled nights. It’s the soul’s innate need to recoil, a caterpillar poked with a stick, trembling, immobile.   Terry Gibson, 2012.
bookmark_terry · 1871 days ago

After a tumultuous 2011, I decided I could not save the world. I spent most of this past year concentrating on my immediate family, clients, neighbors and close friends. I have been busy ‘working’ on myself. One of my 2012 goals was to move on from anyone
doreenb8 · 1871 days ago

This morning the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School went back to class.  In the aftermath of horrific circumstances, where a lone gunman, killed 20 of their first grade class mates right before their very eyes along with the 6 adults, including their
AnaLewis · 1872 days ago

Express yourself   Meet your new friends, all over the web Pick your network, or use them all   Women everywhere find a new voice, New friendships are forged.   Shy or extrovert, it doesn’t matter You’ve got something to say.   Whatever your interests, Lik
Elle · 1872 days ago

  LYSISTRATA: There are a lot of things about us women That sadden me, considering how men see us as rascals. CALONICE: As indeed we are!One of my favorite tales of women as peacemakers is the Greek play, Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes.It was o
AnaLewis · 1874 days ago

Civility and kindness are two things so crucial to people and yet sometimes so hard to find these days. It seems everywhere one looks today; there is another person looking to take advantage of a situation or a person. Often they will believe a person weak
Marta · 1877 days ago

The end of the world as we know it I'd meant to write this post sooner, but here goes. What would you do if it was the end of the world? Me, I'd hold on to my dear ones. The end of the world, much written about, much talked about, and much fantasised. Not
Elle · 1877 days ago

What do you do when you're burnt out and not all that well? After a very busy year writing and churning out a few more books I needed a break. Yes, we do travel a lot, but this was just for sheer enjoyment and peace. Unexpectedly I found myself in one of
Elle · 1886 days ago

When the stress got too much And the burden too great A dream I created To help me through life The black hole was too deep To my soul it did go For myself I had lost Clinging tightly to life
Marta · 1892 days ago
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