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About a month or so ago a whole lot of things happened to me and I believe in my heart I am now experiencing the afterbirth of my rebirth. I fell down a flight of steps. Now, that may not seem a big deal to many of you, however, it shook me up pretty damn
AnaLewis · 1719 days ago

This morning I was extremely lucky, Mistress Kyami was not around and instead Muralti doled out the chores. Otherwise things would have gone badly for me, Mistress Kyami is never easy, especially with those of us who are not her favorites; Altori thought.
Marta · 1727 days ago

  Her long golden hair whipped in the breeze. Flying into her face as it came loose from the black ribbon that had tied it, she watched the ribbon fly off, clinging to a tiny branch out of her reach. She couldn’t climb further out, those branches were too
Marta · 1736 days ago

Okay, fine. It's not that my shoes all suddenly need to be broken in more. My feet are swollen. And fine, the needle on the scale continues to dip. And that pain in my fingers, in my muscles, in my skin, the type that makes me jump at the slightest tou
theblandau · 1751 days ago

Thanks to those of you who are clicking through to my blog Nascent Niknud and following my efforts to get off prednisone. What you're really doing is peeking into the life of someone with a chronic illness. Some people refer to diseases our conditions as "
theblandau · 1760 days ago

In case you don't know, prednisone is a steroid used to treat all manner of inflammation. It's great for that. The problem is that it's also poison. Besides causing insomnia, acne, and a host of other immediate side effects, it also does major damage to th
theblandau · 1762 days ago

The Boston Marathon has been a landmark event for one hundred and nineteen years. It is not just a local event, though it is an event that all people in the state hold dear, even if they aren’t runners. It is something we as residents of Massachusetts hold
Marta · 1765 days ago

  Much was said today following the announcement of the death of Margaret Thatcher. Some said she didn't have an ounce of humanity. Clearly the ones who talked about dancing on her grave have plenty of this humanity they're talking about. Indeed crass comm
Elle · 1776 days ago

This is a fictional piece which captures the persona of a woman whose life and spirit I admire and value so much.     Multi-faceted, passionately aloof woman, lover of foreign accents (or bad copies of same), known to do stand-up comedy in front of doze
bookmark_terry · 1784 days ago

I had a hard time narrowing down who I wanted to talk about. To be honest there is so many women in my life who inspire me and made me the woman I am today. In all truth, I never did narrow it down to one. I narrowed it down to three. My mom, Patricia, and
noracanon · 1800 days ago

  There are so many women that have for different reasons inspired me and continue to do so. Some of them have passed from this life and some are still with us. Because, of this I decided to would write about what inspires me in women, instead of about a w
Marta · 1807 days ago

  Her red floors shone with wax and polish, 3D artwork (that would look foolish in another's home) graced the mantle, food on the stove, ever-ready for guests, adobe house furnished art-deco style with the ornate lamps and hard-wood built-ins. Every piec
AnaLewis · 1811 days ago

Dear Women on the Verge Community, For those of you I have had the honor to come to know, you are aware that the bulk of my work is dedicated to teen relationship awareness with an emphasis on preventing relationship abuse. This year I have been really str
Elin · 1811 days ago

It's tempting to tell my own rape story but I won't. I will only say that I was 14 years old. I didn't tell the police. I didn't tell my mother. I only told the friend who accompanied me when I went looking for him with a large kitchen knife. I didn't find
DawnRRivers · 1826 days ago

****Trigger Warning For Content Related to Sexual Assault**** It took almost twenty years for me to acknowledge the break-in that happened a few short weeks before I left for college wasn't an attempted robbery but was in fact an attempted rape. Waking up
Hegemommy · 1826 days ago

  Some will say we are past our prime Experience is thrown away Today, the young are all that count Old man, old woman your time has passed   Not our issue if you can’t survive You should have saved, you should have known Too bad, it was wasted on those ki
Marta · 1828 days ago

You were only fourteen When innocence was lost And he was thirty-five A sisters husband too A man for you to trust   Instead he was frightening Slyly ogling you Your nipples are so ripe Young and virginal girl It’s not my fault he said   When stealing inno
Marta · 1828 days ago

  Yesterday, I met Ana Lewis of Women on the Verge for the first time. It was an honor. She is as amazing as her mission. We laughed a lot, got serious about some subjects, and spent four hours over breakfast. This does not happen often. Of course, one o
destinyallison · 1831 days ago

Rape, a word and despicable act every woman should stand against. There is no excuse for it. None. So, how can some women betray others by laughing about it, finding "excuses" for the rapists, and even blame the victims. If the victim was their sister, mot
Elle · 1842 days ago

  I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was bad. Really bad.   The pretty girl was popular, blond and she always hung out with a group of boys. They seemed to admire her, cater to her every need and protect her. One night that all changed. Woken o
AnaLewis · 1843 days ago
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