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Sample Advertisement - 300x250 Sidebar Ad Getting to Know You Special Rate

At Women on the Verge, we want to get to know you a little bit before we jump into the deep end with you and we support each others efforts in an advertising partnership.  This special rate is ONLY being offered to a select few of our potential partners.  Only the ones that we believe in our hearts that we both effectively target the same market of fabulous, diverse women on a global basis.

For a limited time, our Getting to Know You Special is effective for the following time period:  September, 2013, and if you act soon, we will honor the same rate for the fourth quarter of 2013 - October, November and December.  This would really give us a chance to show each other how effective our partnership can be.

This is a very steep discount of more than 75% off, but that is to show you how much we believe in the potential of our partnership.  This special is by Invitiation Only.  If you have not received the invitation to participate,  please check our regular rates, or let us know in an email, how your think your company should be considered to receive this very special offer.

Getting to Know You Special:

Sidebar Ad:

Have a large rotating ad in the top of the left column for one month under our heading “Definitely worth looking at”. (Banner size: 300 x 250px -- see sample advertiser, Latism Conference).

$108 for September 1 - 30, 2013 Sidebar Ad (regular price: $490)

Getting to Know You Special

Take advantage of this special rate, by committing to the partnership for the rest of 2013 (3 addtional months).  It's a low-cost way to truly test our mutual partnership and how we can both benefit from the more than 2,000,000 hits per month we receive.

$324 for October, November and December 2013 Sidebar Ad (regular price: $1470)


Getting to Know You Special Q4 2013

We hope you take advantage of this very special deal and that we can grow our audiences with our partnership. 

Important: After your purchase, email us a graphic for your ad, and the url of your site where the ad should link.  All advertising materials must be reviewed and approved. Companies interested in submitting samples of their ads can email us at Women on the Verge reserves the right to decline an advertiser.  If your ad is declined, your credit card will be refunded the amount of purchase.

Thank you,

Ana Lewis
Founder of