About Women on the Verge
About the Women on the Verge - Founder, Ana Lewis and the Community
Welcome to a different kind of community for Women on the Verge. This is the place where stereotypes are broken and we are empowered by it. Where our success is celebrated and our pain gets a hug. What you have to say matters. We hear you and support your voice.

Join us in our monthly topics. Converse, Listen, Give, Receive.

Our community is global and free.

Joining is simple, however, there is no automatic membership. Everyone who joins is asked to fill out a complete profile. All email addresses are confirmed. Every member is manually screened by humans. All it takes is a little time and effort. The result? Members enjoy a community free of spammers and scammers. A community full of genuine members. A community strengthened by the ability to converse openly and freely.

In order to join us, please load up a photo of yourself or an avatar you feel represents you. Input your information, free links on your profile page and talk to us. Let us know who you are - via the blogs, by posting photos, by adding your events to the calendar and by joining or starting a group.

As a member of Women on the Verge, please take advantage of the many ways to get free exposure:

Women on the Verge.net was founded by Ana Lewis , CEO of Co-Op Web, Inc in September, 2009. We currently receive about 1,250,000 hits per month on our website and touch more than 13,000 women world-wide via our website, Twitter, Facebook and various Social Media channels (listed at the top) throughout the Internet. Our goal is to break the stereotypes placed on women everywhere. Whether it is by gender, race, political affiliation or job – this is the place where who you are is about who you are inside.

Diversity is encouraged. The collection of our imperfections makes a beautiful whole. Join us

This is an old video (from 2011), however, it still has some helpful hints to making the most of your WOTV membership.: 7 Steps for Your WOTV Membership, hosted by Ana Lewis.